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Three Chords & the Truth


Taking its name from an old quote about the story-telling power of country music, Issue 11 delves into the wide world of music and celebrates its singular ability to ‘wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life’, to quote 19th century German novelist Berthold Auerbach. Take your seats (or stand by the bar) as an orchestra of emerging and acclaimed contributors take to the stage.

Megg Evans, manager of iconic Melbourne jazz club Bennetts Lane, discusses the ‘cosmology, psychology, maths and magic’ of jazz music, while folk musician and artist Kavisha Mazzella reveals how, after being scarred by an incident thirty years earlier, she has been able to pick up her brushes and paints again. Harry James Angus of The Cat Empire talks about his solo material and his development as a songwriter, and eminent Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe discusses his interests in literature and art, and the architectural nature of his music.

In the fiction section of the ensemble, Erol Engin presents the reader with a Wikipedia entry on ‘Jane Smith’, the world’s foremost composer of muzak, while David Cohen creates a bizarre yet disturbingly real scenario of physical disability in the arts. Emma Ashmere, Elizabeth Bryer, Les Zigomanis, and others also take solos.

Elsewhere, B. J. Muirhead reflects on his friendship with the legendary pianist and World War II spy Nancy Weir, and we present a classy set-list of lyrical poetry by Joe Dolce, Koraly Dimitriadis, Peter Bakowski, Tiggy Johnson, Pam Schindler, amongst many others.

An issue that is as visually stunning as it is sonorous, ‘Three Chords and the Truth’ features photography by Laki Sideris, and experimental paintings by Janine Good that capture the movement and power of a young punk rock band. And spread throughout the issue are Hamish McWilliams's mesmerising illustrations.

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Paperback - 196pp
176 x 240mm
ISBN: 9781921325168
RRP: AU$24.95
March 2013

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   Etchings 11 Interview Megg Evans - excerpt  Etchings 10 Fiction Erol Engin - excerpt

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